Renter Advisory Board (RAB)

The Jefferson Westside Neighbors Renter Advisory Board (RAB) – it’s not RAD, but close!

Fun Fact: 65% of JWN residents are renters

The RAB is part of an ongoing effort to broaden our outreach in the neighborhood. Traditionally, homeowners have made up a majority of those involved or serving on committees or volunteering as they tend to be wealthier (have more time) and more invested in the neighborhood to protect their major asset.

The RAB is an attempt to signal to renters that their voices matter, is important, and that we actively want them involved in issues that impact all residents. The RAB serves to advise the Board on issues to ensure we take into account the renter’s perspectives. Although, we find that renters have the same basic concerns that boil down to public safety and quality of life.

Our hope is that we can leverage the RAB to tie into renter’s interpersonal networks and get even more renters involved or at least informed by subscribing to our eNews, friending us on Facebook, or visiting our website. Ultimately, we hope that RAB members will work their way into positions as neighborhood leaders, heading up projects, or serving on the Board.

If you are a renter and live in the JWN contact us here about serving on the board.

Renter Advisory Board Members

Debra Blanchard
Jeremy Brosnahand
Gwen Buckard
Gene Martin
Ned A Maynard