Friends of Lincoln School Park

Join Friends of Lincoln School Park!

Park work party coming in the early evening in late August or early September. General clean-up, sifting/ raking the sand, mulching tree wells, and trimming bushes. Sign-up and vote on the clean-up day here.

Want to get involved? Contact us.

This park is a high priority for Eugene Parks and Open Space and is scheduled for redevelopment during the next funding cycle. Have say, get involved!

Help us keep the park safe by reporting any illegal activity (camping, drugs/alcohol use, etc.) or homeless in distress to the Eugene Police Department via the non-emergency # (541) 682-5111 (hit 1-1-1 to skip prompts) [program into your phone]. For homeless in distress, they will call CAHOOTS. If people are being aggressive, threatening, or violent call 911.

For park problems including trash, graffiti, vandalism, or needed repairs file a report via Park Watch.

Making reports indicates community engagement and creates data that can be used to advocate for resources.