Executive Board

2017-2018 Executive Board

Tom Happy, Chair
Tamara Crafts, Vice Chair
Sue Cummings, Member-at-Large
Ted M. Coopman, Member-at-Large
Dave Hurst, Member-at-Large
Eric Dill, Member-at-Large
Eva Happy, Member-at-Large

Meet your Executive Board

Tom Happy

Current Chair of JWN. I have lived in the JWN for 20 years over two stints, beginning in 1982 with a five year stay in the Westside, and then the past 15 years in Jefferson. I have lived in all six Eugene zip codes over the course of my life, spending my childhood in a conservative household and community on the north side of town, and most of my adulthood surrounded by more liberal-minded neighbors on the south side. My background and natural inclinations lend themselves to a pragmatic rather than ideological outlook on all things civic. I see value in all perspectives, and I do not believe that anyone has all the answers. I find that a dose of humility and good listening skills go a long way toward advancing dialogue amongst people of differing perspectives. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the neighborhood as a JWN board member. See you on the hiking trails!


Sue Cummings

Sue has been on the JWN Board for about eight years and has lived in the neighborhood for somewhere around 15 years. She moved to Eugene with Tommy, her husband, in 1991. She would like to encourage everyone in the neighborhood, homeowners, renters, businesses and property owners, to attend JWN events. She feels that having a strong neighborhood association is important for keeping the JWN the beautiful, unique, livable, walkable, vibrant place we call home. She also hopes that everyone will support our special neighborhood businesses and artists, Cesar Chavez School, The Lane Events Center and groups like Friends of Trees and the OSU Extension Service. She really appreciates that so many people in our neighborhood like to walk, bike and garden.


Tamara Crafts, Vice Chair

Tamara Crafts was a member at large last year with the JWN board, getting involved with the neighborhood association after moving here in 2013. This year she is in the Vice-Chair role, helping to provide leadership to the board and its activities. She is interested in the supporting our neighborhood parks and open spaces, and in neighborhood safety issues. Creating safety through changing the way public spaces are used is something that Tamara is working on in JWN.


Ted M. Coopman

My spouse, dog and I just moved into the neighborhood in February 2016 although we have owned a home here since 2012. My association with Eugene goes back 20 years with yearly visits with our best friends. I am a college professor by-trade and teach online for San Jose State University and the University of Louisville where I am an adjunct faculty member. My areas of study are media law and policy and activists use of media and technology. We always knew that Jefferson-Westside is where we wanted to live and are so happy and excited to be here. Eugene is a dog and bike paradise! I have spent the last 25 years working with community and activist groups and look forward to putting my time, energy and expertise to work for our hood. Look for me mornings at Monroe Park throwing the ball for the dog (and picking up trash) and say hello.


Dave Hurst

Dave and his young family moved to Jefferson Westside three years ago and have been enjoying the urban vibe offered here. He’s a stay-at-home dad with two young children who enjoys catching local music acts and camping or canoeing on sunny weekends. This is Dave’s third year on the board.