Renter Advisory Board (RAB)

The Jefferson Westside Neighbors Renter Advisory Board (RAB) – it’s not RAD, but close!

Fun Fact: 65% of JWN residents are renters

The RAB is part of an ongoing effort to broaden our outreach in the neighborhood. Traditionally, homeowners have made up a majority of those involved or serving on committees or volunteering as they tend to be wealthier (have more time) and more invested in the neighborhood to protect their major asset.

The RAB is an attempt to signal to renters that their voices matter, is important, and that we actively want them involved in issues that impact all residents. The RAB serves to advise the Board on issues to ensure we take into account the renter’s perspectives. Although, we find that renters have the same basic concerns that boil down to public safety and quality of life.

Our hope is that we can leverage the RAB to tie into renter’s interpersonal networks and get even more renters involved or at least informed by subscribing to our eNews, friending us on Facebook, or visiting our website. Ultimately, we hope that RAB members will work their way into positions as neighborhood leaders, heading up projects, or serving on the Board.

If you are a renter and live in the JWN contact us here about serving on the board.

Are you a landlord? We are looking to build alliances and understanding between landlords and tenants – contact us.

JWN Position on Rental Housing

The JWN supports safe, affordable, and diverse rental options in the JWN. Our primary focus is to preserve and protect existing rental housing as (1) existing housing is more affordable than new construction (2) existing housing is “greener” than new construction as its carbon cost has been paid, and (3) existing housing in already integrated into the neighborhood and reflects the diverse and often historical character of the neighborhood. We support new rental housing construction that fits within our existing neighborhood special area zones rules. The JWN continues to advocate for high density housing on 7th Ave and the development of the old Naval Reserve site near 15th and Chambers as subsidized affordable housing.

RAB Charge

The Jefferson Westside Neighbors (JWN) Renter Advisory Board (RAB) primary mission is to ensure the JWN leadership is aware of renters needs, concerns, and desires. The RAB is tasked with (1) informing renters about the existence and purpose of the JWN and encouraging them to stay informed via JWN media and attending general meetings and events (2); encouraging and facilitating renter participation in the JWN by volunteering for community projects and initiatives, running for board positions, and serving on committees; (3) to build trust and understanding between tenants and landlords/property managers, educate all parties on their respective rights and responsibilities, and to align goals when possible; (4) to advocate for renters rights and assist renters in need; (5) to help the JWN build and maintain an inclusive coalition of renters, homeowners, landlords, businesses, and non-profits dedicated to mutual aid and to foster a strong community that advocates for neighborhood needs and desires.

Renter Advisory Board Members
Noah R. Eber-Schmid (JWN Board Liaison)
Debra Blanchard
Cooper Brinson
Jeremy Brosnahan
Joshua Caraco
Gene Martin
Ned A Maynard
Mary Szvetecz
Geoff G Young

For administrative purposes, the RAB is a committee of the JWN. As such, there must be a Board liaison to the RAB. Since the RAB represents the JWN, any public pronouncements or positions must first be cleared by the JWN Executive Board. The RAB must operate within the scope of the charge above. As the scope of action and positions of the JWN are dictated by our charter and bylaws and existing policies and positions as taken under consultation of the members via democratic process, the RAB is precluded from actions, initiatives or positions that contravene the aforementioned. 

Renter Resources

Mission Statement: SETA is a non-profit, public service organization that is dedicated to renters’ rights and interests. We accomplish our goals by assisting, educating, and empowering tenants in the Springfield-Eugene area. We believe that housing rights are human rights and that affordable and accessible housing are the foundation of any strong community.

Here are some of the resources currently available to tenants:
Other Related Organizations and Resources
Oregon Housing Alliance, a broad-based coalition of City Govs, affordable housing developers, and some environmental non-profits.
Rental Owners Association of Land County, ROA members include landlords and property managers committed to practical, legal and profitable property management practices seeking education and sharing information and solutions for successful residential property management and tenant relations.
Oregon Rental Housing Association, a statewide group for the rental housing industry