JWN Non-Profit Advisory Board

The JWN Non-Profit Advisory Board (NPAB) is a forum for organizing and mobilizing neighborhood non-profit organizations to ensure their perspectives, needs, and desires are represented in discussions of neighborhood issues.

A primary focus of the JWN-NPAB is on issues of homelessness and their impacts on churches, businesses, and residents of the JWN and to work toward contributing to solutions to homelessness and its causes.

The JWN invites all neighborhood non-profits to join – contact us!

Non-Profit Advisory Board (NPAB) Members
First United Methodist Church
Eugene First Church of The Nazarene
Grace Fellowship
Lane County History Museum
Westside Shelter Search Team

The JWN wishes to thank all these organizations for their past support of neighborhood initiatives and events:

  • First United Methodist Church – where we meet every month!
  • Eugene First Church of The Nazarene and Grace Fellowship for supporting our annual picnic.
  • Lane County History Museum for co-hosting our annual holiday party
  • Westside Shelter Search Team, an affiliated JWN group, for their continued efforts to find suitable locations for medium term shelter for the homeless such as Quonset huts and rest stops.