Jefferson Westside Neighborhood Survey

This survey is for JWN residents (renters and owners), property owners, business owner/managers, or non-profit directors located within the JWN .

There is a proposed pilot project to site 3 Conestoga huts (+ porta-potty and trash bin) on Lane Events Center property near W. 13th and Tyler. Community Supported Shelters would actively manage the site. For more information and to take the survey (closes October 31), go to:

You may also contact the JWN directly at

The JWN is discussing the response, if any, to recent State Legislative actions on land use in residential neighborhoods. JWN member Paul Conte put forward this motion in September (see October eNews (October eNews Amended)), but set it aside at the October General Meeting, to allow for a fuller discussion on the impacts and possible responses of the JWN.

Brief information session and a neighborhood discussion will take place at the November 12 General Meeting, 6:45-9:00, The First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St. More details will follow.

Proposed Motion for Consideration at October 8, 2019 JWN General Meeting [set aside].

The JWN Executive Board as a body, and all board members individually, are directed to take all appropriate actions to ensure that any and all code amendments to the R-1 Low-Density Residential Zone and the Chambers and Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zones, which may arise from House Bill 2001 or other reasons, ensure the following:

a) Statewide Planning Goal 1 – Citizen Involvement is implemented to the fullest extent during the code amendment planning and adoption processes by engaging JWN members, especially property owners and residents in the three aforementioned zones; and

b) The Envision Eugene policy to “Protect, Repair and Enhance Neighborhood Livability” is implemented to the fullest extent in the respective zones’ approval criteria for: permitted uses and lot and development standards, including, but not limited to, permitted housing types, maximum dwelling density, minimum lot size, maximum height, minimum setbacks, vehicle access and parking requirements, open space and permeable surfaces, solar access, etc.


This motion identifies existing state and city policies. It directs the JWN Executive Board to ensure that the City implements these policies to the fullest extent, particularly in response to House Bill 2001, which mandates that the City upzone all single-family areas of the JWN (and other neighborhoods). The motion expresses the sense of JWN members that, while a person serves as a JWN board member, that person is to: a) support the interests of full participation by the affected stakeholders in the identified zones; b) support stakeholders in developing recommendations for the entire JWN membership to consider; and c) support all related recommendations that are adopted by the JWN membership.