About Us

Welcome to the Jefferson Westside Neighbors (JWN) website.

The JWN is a chartered neighborhood association in Eugene, OR.

What is a Neighborhood Association?

Neighborhood associations cover specific geographic areas (see below) and operate under agreed to Bylaws and a Charter. Rather than representing an area and all its population like a city Ward with an elected official, neighborhood associations are governed by Boards that are elected by those people (homeowners, renters, business owners or managers, and non-profit leaders) within each defined neighborhood who choose to participate and vote in a yearly election. Anyone in the neighborhood may run for election.

Therefore, a neighborhood association represents those who chose to participate in the neighborhood association, although generally any neighborhood association seeks to act in the best interests and take into account the needs and desire of all residents. In this way, a neighborhood association is an infrastructure for community action, and is collection of people who chose to work together to enhance the neighborhood.