Eugene Police Chief Skinner and Staff on Public Safety

Eugene Faith Center Request for Zoning Change

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Eugene Faith Center
Eugene Faith Center is requesting to change its zoning from R-1 (residential that allows churches) to C-1 (Neighborhood Commercial). The zoning change would allow the Faith Center to create an open-to-the-public coffee shop, possibly use the Center’s parking lot for food truck hosting, and allow other businesses to rent or use the space. The idea is modeled after Wesley Methodist Church on Oakway that now has Soko coffee shop. Most of all the Center want to open up more as a community hub for neighbors and others to enjoy its space.
Discussion on Public Safety
Overview and updates on Eugene Police Department’s efforts on public safety and the state of public safety in Eugene.
  • EPD Police Chief Chris Skinner
  • Ryan Skiles, EPD Crime Analytics Unit
  • Margaret Mazzotta and Janina Rager, Community Engagement Specialists for the JWN