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Call for Volunteers

The Jefferson Dog Park (DOLA) has wood chips! The city parks department who the JWN neighbors and DOLA users partner with to maintain the dog park, has delivered a load of chips and promises us more chips later in the fall. We use these chips to infill a low area that becomes a small pond seasonally (read as soon as the rains start) making a large portion of the park unusable unless swimming!

Please bring rakes and shovels with you when going to socialize your pups and spend a few minutes spreading chips out over the fall and it will make short work for us all and make a drier place for our pup friends to play. We may organize a work party to do some of this work, so please send me your email contact if you would like to be notified of this as she is the general contact person for the Jefferson DOLA.

Contact Tamara if you can help.

IMPORTANT! This is a DIY pilot project so there are no services, so bring your own water and take your dog poop with you!

Over a dozen volunteers put in fence posts, strung fencing, and spread mulch to get the JDP ready to go. While the park is not officially open until August, it is accessible now.

After three years of hard work and collaboration between the JWN and the Parks and Open Spaces, work will start in May and we anticipate the park opening in July!  Our Neighborhood Matching Grant proposal to develop Jefferson Park- a city owned, undeveloped parks space on Jefferson Alley between 15th and 16th Aves, into a partially fenced dog off leash area (DOLA) was approved in April. To get on the email list for information and volunteer opportunities, contact Tamara Crafts:





Join us for future work parties



After a long process and prodding by neighbors, parks has initiated a semi-fenced dog park pilot project at the currently undeveloped Jefferson Park behind the fairgrounds at 15th. This is a great opportunity to revitalize this neglected area and dissuade illegal activities. Presently, there are no dog parks in Jefferson Westside.

As part of the Jefferson Park Dog Off Leash Area process, the JWN is applying for a Neighborhood Matching Grant. The grant is to “make improvements to existing undeveloped park to change usage of the park to a DOLA for neighbors of the dense downtown urban area to exercise their dogs off leash. This park improvement is a collaboration with the City of Eugene Parks & Open Spaces department.”