Jefferson Dog Park

JWN is going to the Dogs!

Please note that this park is in the design and funding phase of development and current has no facilities.

After a long process and prodding by neighbors, parks has initiated a semi-fenced dog park pilot project at the currently undeveloped Jefferson Park behind the fairgrounds at 15th. This is a great opportunity to revitalize this neglected area and dissuade illegal activities. Presently, there are no dog parks in Jefferson Westside.

As part of the Jefferson Park Dog Off Leash Area process, the JWN is applying for a Neighborhood Matching Grant. The grant is to “make improvements to existing undeveloped park to change usage of the park to a DOLA for neighbors of the dense downtown urban area to exercise their dogs off leash. This park improvement is a collaboration with the City of Eugene Parks & Open Spaces department.”









We have until November 13th to collect signatures of support. Please sign the petition at New Frontier Market, circulating via volunteers, or contact Tamara.