Public Safety

JWN Neighborhood match grant a huge success!

Jefferson Westside 2017 NMG -A Traffic Safety Campaign

Review a copy of our rant application: JWN NMG Street Safety for web-2

The Jefferson Westside Neighbors have been funded for a grant through the Neighborhood Matching Grants program. We have created a Safety Campaign to address traffic safety in our neighborhood.

Our group is partnering with Traffic Engineers at the City of Eugene’s Public Works Maintenance department to identify unsafe intersections. These intersections may require operational changes to improve transportation safety. A group of JWN neighbors has committed to performing Traffic Counts in these areas, after training from city staff, to collect data on traffic movements. This data will be used determine the feasibility of making any changes that may improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

We have also partnered with the City of Eugene Transportation Options department and ODOT to implement a year long educational program focusing on bicycle and pedestrian safety including cross walk safety with the “Every Cross Walk is an Intersection” information and a lawn sign campaign, and pedestrian/bicycle lighting for night time. With GEARs for bike maintenance education, with the Vision Zero project staff for, and discussion of the principles Vision Zero and what is means for our community and LTD for safety at bus stops and instruction on putting bikes onto LTD’s bus racks.

We will use our JWN newsletter & Enews, monthly general meetings and annual membership picnic as vehicles for demonstrations, hosting speakers, showing safety videos, distributing safety equipment & educational materials, and facilitating discussions about traffic safety in our community.


Changes to 13th Avenue and Lawrence Street

The City of Eugene is investigating changes to 13th Avenue and Lawrence Street to improve safety, access and livability.

On 13th Avenue the City is working with local businesses to complete the missing section of bike lane between Washington and Lincoln streets. Completing this critical link would create a  continuous east bound bike lane from Garfield Street all the way to the University of Oregon Campus. As part of the project a crosswalk is proposed to be installed across 13th Avenue at Lawrence Street to improve safety for community members who cross 13th Avenue at this location.

In addition, the City is investigating two-way conversion of Lawrence Street from 7th Avenue to 13th Avenue. Converting Lawrence to a two-way street is in line with City transportation policies and has the following advantages:

  • Reduced out of direction travel and greater connectivity of the street grid.
  • Eliminates the double threat to people crossing Lawrence street, improving safety for pedestrians. (The double threat being the case in which one car stops but a second traveling in the same direction in a different lane does not)
  • Eliminates south bound vehicle weaving between lanes on Lawrence St.
  • Eliminates the double left turn from Lawrence to 13th Avenue which conflicts with people crossing 13th Avenue at this location.

With the exception of sidewalk access ramps that would be constructed with the new crosswalk on 13th Avenue both projects could be completed with changes to pavement markings and signs only.

Residents, property owners and businesses on 13th Avenue and Lawrence Street will receive additional information in the mail in the next few weeks.

For questions or comments please contact Matt Rodrigues, Traffic Engineer, at (541-682-4959) or Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, at (541-682-5727)

Last spring and summer the JWN Executive Board disseminated surveys to neighbors asking for your priorities for the board to work on. Almost immediately we saw that public safety is a top concern for neighbors. Safety comes in many shapes and sizes but here is some of what we have heard and done.

Home safety and crime prevention is a top concern so we had the City’s Neighborhood Crime Watch program specialist, Paul Bishop, come to the annual JWN picnic in July at Monroe park to talk to neighbors about crime in their neighborhoods and to help set up Neighborhood Watch groups. He had some good conversations with neighbors about their concerns and some solutions to problems people are facing. As of yet, no Neighborhood Watch groups have been set up. If anyone is interested in the program and wants to get a group going, Paul can help. Just contact Paul via email: