JWN 2019 Priorities Survey Results Highlights

Qualitative feedback points to concerns about speeding particularly on 8th, Monroe, W. Broadway and Charnelton as well as desire for a stop sign by New Frontier. Also Park Safety, and a desire for more neighborhood events and smaller scale micro-hood meet ups.

of the N=122 of those who took the survey:

71% Owner Occupied

27% Renter

3% other

Largest Group was 65+ @32%

42% 55+

33% 35-54

15% 34 and under

Public Safety Concerns

Pretty even distribution between different types of property crime for the top concern.

Quality of Life Concerns

Litter and vandalism topped the list but closely followed by anti-social behavior (e.g. public drug use/smoking, belligerence).

Next was cost of living/rent

40% had attended an JWN event or meeting in the last 12 months.

What residents like most.

Centrally located followed by trees

Parks, variety, architecture, friendly neighbors, and pedestrian/bike friendly all tied for 3rd

Accessing JWN Media

While obviously skewed as to where you would get access to the survey, analog sources, esp. yard signs, came in strong.

77% listed eNews

58% yard signs

56% newsletters

43% postcards

36% Nextdoor

33% Website

25% Facebook

26 people left their names and emails to be added to the Volunteer listserv.

Full Statistical Report Here (no individual response data): Data_JWN 2019 Priorities Survey