March 28 Zoom Forum on HB 2001 Implementation

Forum a Success with 85 attendees –

Independent Presentation on Eugene’s HB 2001 Code Amendment Facts

Jefferson Westside Neighbors Invites you to a Zoom Forum on the City of Eugene’s

Implementation of HB 2001 

This is for all interested parties, not just JWN member.
Monday, March 28, 6:30-8:00pm – see Zoom link at the bottom.
This session will be recorded and the link shared online.Apologies for the late notification – we tried up to the last minute to get the city to provide a Planning staff member (see details of the saga below)

Join your neighbors for an informative Zoom session focused specifically on answering any and all questions about proposed regulations for density, minimum lot sizes, maximum building height, tree protections, and many other housing regulations that will be changing one way or another.

This session will be moderated by Ted M. Coopman, Chair of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors with the assistance of former JWN Chair and retired City of Eugene Neighborhood and Community Liaison, Human Rights and Neighborhood Involvement, Rene Kane.

Paul Conte, a former JWN Chair who worked on the alternative proposal developed by neighborhood leaders will cover some basics and answer questions.

Why Only one Presenter?
We invited the Planning Division to send a staff person, and after initially saying yes, they backed out. Both Planning Director Alissa Hansen and City Manager Sarah Medary got involved and expressed concern about the format, insisting that they were not comfortable sending out staff to engage the public outside of a traditional question and answer format with no opposing viewpoints. Our suggested format: with each panelist addressing specific elements of the proposed and the alternative plan; taking turns; with no debate/cross talk; followed by Q&A, was apparently problematic. Recall for our January meeting, the JWN tried for a month to get staff or a Planning Commissioner and, even after moving the meeting date to deconflict with a scheduled Planning Commission meeting, no one was “available.” So, we have really been trying…

The City Council is poised to adopt sweeping code amendments in late May or June that will eliminate “single-family” zoning across all of Eugene (except for subdivisions effectively exempted by Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions).

It appears that many Eugene residents and property owners do not yet have a full and accurate understanding of the changes that these code amendments may bring to neighborhoods. There are two active proposals that are substantially different:

The first step to ensure that Eugene citizens can engage with the City Council in a fully-informed manner is to clarify the specific changes in each of these two proposals.

The program will consist of two sections:

  • Section 1 seeks clarification of specific aspects of the proposal code and highlights differences between the two proposals:
    • Middle housing types — Just enumerated, not discussed
    • Attached/detached multiplexes
    • Minimum lot size, including lot division
    • Explicit and effective density
    • Maximum height
    • Tree protection
    • Solar protections
  • The second section will be audience questions.
Participation Rules
This meeting is intended to be a place for the respectful and civil exchange of ideas and information.  We ask all in attendance to honor this ethic by keeping questions and comments civil, concise and without commentary of a personal nature.
  • All participants will be muted by default.  Please DO NOT unmute until you have been recognized by a moderator to ask your question. The audience has two options for asking questions, via the chat or speaking.
    • To assist moderation, please ask questions or ask to speak via the chat function only. If you can’t access the chat, you can use the “raise hand” function.
    • To ask a question in chat, simply write it out and a moderator will read it.
    • To ask a question orally, ask to be recognized (“I have a question”) in chat.
  • Keep questions brief and, like Jeopardy, in the form of a question.
  • Similar questions may be combined and redundant questions skipped at the moderator’s discretion.

This is not a forum for individual statements. Please do not clutter the chat with statements or commentary. Please respect others’ time by keeping your questions brief and without commentary.

Zoom Link
Topic: HB 2001 Q&A
Time: Mar 28, 2022 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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