March General Meeting

Join us for a Special March General Meeting and Training Workshop by White Bird!

Protecting One Another: When to Engage Public Safety

>>>>>>Please note we are starting earlier than usual, 6:00 pm, to accommodate the trainers.

Due to the length of the training and other constraints, this will be the only activity for the March Meeting.

We are paying White Bird for the workshop, so JWN members only please.

We will send out a Zoom link to everyone on the eNews list or contact us at for a link and access code.

“Protecting One Another: When to Engage Public Safety” is an hour and a half interactive and skill-based workshop. It gives context for the current conversation about policing, goes over community caregiver basics, how to access scene safety, and how to determine whether to call for emergency services, non-emergency services/ CAHOOTS, or de-escalate and address the situation directly. There’s an overview of how CAHOOTS is dispatched, a teaser for the de-escalation training (we had this training at a general meeting last year), and small group time with scenario assessment. It ends with a discussion of community responses and initiatives to address Eugene’s housing and homelessness crisis.