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We had a great first meeting on the future of the park.

About 17 people attended from all around the neighborhood, including Ted M. Coopman (Board member of Jefferson Westside and Friends of Monroe Park coordinator) and Emily Semple (City Councilor for Ward One that covers the JWN).  Pam Symond from Eugene Parks and Open Space facilitated the meeting with a slide show that covered history, type of parks (ours is a “neighborhood park”). The service area for the park in approximately .5 miles  (although a bit irregular).

The planning process will continue through the spring including a survey  and another hosted “workshop” in mid-April, 2018. The park renovation will also be discussed at an upcoming JWN general meeting (likely in February or March). Actual construction will probably occur in summer 2019.  The budget is pegged at $500,000 and may be supplemented by federal and local grants. While this seems like a lot of money for a small park (Charnel Mulligan cost about $800k, $300K were grants) installing things like irrigation and new play facilities add up fast.

Neighbors brought up concerns and ideas about security, keeping the trees, protect the garden from basketballs, expand the garden, take out the berm, irrigation system for new turf, a sand play area, safety surfacing for the basketball court and engraving/striping for games like hopscotch, as better through-bike access between 13th and 12th.  This was an initial information session and no decisions were made.

The City wants the neighbors to participate in an inclusive process, but a final design will come from staff with neighbor input, as opposed to consensus or a majority vote. There are too many factors involving federal, state, and local regulations, budget and maintenance. However, as with Charnel Mulligan, the city staff is highly responsive to neighbors needs and requests.

Download the full review of the first meeting: LSP_Report#1

This park was last updated in 1995 – so this is a once-in-a-generation chance to help create a great open space.

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Help us keep the park safe by reporting any illegal activity (camping, drugs/alcohol use, etc.) or homeless in distress to the Eugene Police Department via the non-emergency # (541) 682-5111 (hit 1-1-1 to skip prompts) [program into your phone]. For homeless in distress, they will call CAHOOTS. If people are being aggressive, threatening, or violent call 911.

For park problems including trash, graffiti, vandalism, or needed repairs file a report via Park Watch.

Making reports indicates community engagement and creates data that can be used to advocate for resources.

Lincoln School Park is .8 Acre park located on 12 Ave and Madison next to the Lincoln School condominiums and near the Lane County Fairgrounds. It currently has a basketball court, play equipment, sand play area, and a sand volley ball court (bring your own net!).