Join Us for our May 9 General Meeting

6:30-8:30pm at the First United Methodist Church,
1376 Olive Street, and via Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 823 9084 1958
Passcode: 492929
We are trying out a new system, so tonight’s Zoom portion will be streaming only and no chat availability. We appreciate your patience as we work out the best way to provide remote access of in-person JWN meetings.
NOTE: this is the last general meeting until September, see us at the Annual Picnic at Monroe Park July 11!
On the Agenda:
  • Stephanie Coopman, Chair, JWN Historic District Taskforce provides an update and timeline.
  • EWEB General Manager Lawson would like the opportunity to speak to your association about the current state of the water and electric utilities and provide information on important EWEB topics, projects, and initiatives, including EWEB’s values and strategic priorities, electric and water rate forecasts, climate leadership, integrated resource planning, emergency water stations, and the McKenzie watershed.
  • Scott Smith, Program Manager, Restorative Justice program at the Center for Dialogue and Resolution. CDR offers Restorative Justice dialogue processes to the community as an alternative response to crime/harm focused on the specific needs of the individuals and communities impacted. This program is open to self-referred community members and primarily serves participants referred for diversion by the District Attorney following a charge in the Lane County Circuit Court.