JWN 2020 Survey Results

Here is a snap snapshot of our survey results.

102 returns, 82% owner occupied, 17% renters, and almost even split even between over/under 44 years of age.

Top #1 selected as highest public safety concern was Pedestrian/Biking, followed by property crime (petty theft/bike and home/auto) but overall priority across all surveys was property crime (petty theft/bike and home/auto) ranked highest

Fill in comments mostly focused on the negative impacts of homelessness (trash/camping), crime/more police needed, poor conditions of sidewalks and streets

Top ranked as #1 issue (Q5): illegal camping and cost of living

Top ranked overall: anti-social behavior followed by litter/vandalism, illegal camping, and noise. Aggregated top issues: More and better density and infill; Better protection of green spaces, parks, and trees.

Overall top items selected: Centrally located, trees, Pedestrian and bike friendly, and friendly neighbors.