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Art City Joins the FOMP and Jefferson Westside Neighbors in Creating Evening Events and Activities for the Summer.

Join us for a Work Party

Thursday, July 19, 9am – Noon.

Help us prepare the Park for summer events like our 18th Annual Picnic and Potluck on July 24 and the EUG Parade and Sunday Streets July 29. Please contact us at by Monday July 16 for a head count.

Art@Monroe Park Events

Get your art on @Monroe Park, this Thursdays, June 21, July 5, and July 19

No art experience is required. This is a social art project.Lee Sparks Pembleton is the lead artist for Earthbound Moon and will bring materials for neighbors to participate in the process of creating sculptural maquettes (small preliminary model or sketch).Earthbound Moon (EbM) is an arts collaborative focused on terraforming Earth through the installation of contemporary artworks in disparate communities and on small parcels of surface area around the world. Each of our endeavors is united under the concept of a non-contiguous sculpture garden: a singular work of intergenerational and eventually interplanetary art whose global reach is made possible by a web of many smaller, community-oriented, site-specific projects. From micro to macro, our garden is a network of gathering places—sites of curiosity, engagement, and wonder operating on local, global, and ultimately intergalactic scales.

Summer 2018@Monroe Park

JWN Annual Picnic and Potluck July 24, 5-8pm @ Monroe Park. Live Music and fun for the whole family!












EUG Parade and Sunday Streets @ Monroe Park: Join the Parade!

Sunday July 29.

March with the JWN and Samba Ja! Great fun for the kids. We have signs you can carry and plenty of good times to share. Walk or ride a human powered wheeled conveyance. Contact us at to get involved.

Every Thursday, 1-3pm until August 24

Calling all Artists and Performers for Art@Monroe Park

Looking to get your Art on? Join the JWN and Friends of Monroe Park by bringing art and performance to summer evenings at Monroe Park. ArtCity and CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County) are already on board. Create art and community, promote your school, projects, and yourself. Have fun. Help us keep the park clean, green, safe, and full of positive Eugene culture. Keep up-to-date on the Friends of Monroe Park Page.

Monroe Park Annual Spring Clean-up and Mulch Mania a huge success! 17 neighbors pitch in.










JWN Executive Board member Eric Dil hauls some mulch






Volunteers weed





Ward 1 Councilor Emily Semple dives in

Special Notice on the Pappas sculpture in Monroe Park

The recent press over the final stage of the decision on the repair or removal of the Pappas sculpture in Monroe Park has, as expected, drawn a lot of public concern, including charges that the process was not public or transparent.

First, the JWN and Friends of Monroe Park group have not taken a position on the Pappas sculpture. Our only demands have been that the city either take steps to repair and maintain it or to remove it. It cannot just be left to rot.

The JWN would like to emphasize that there has been a robust public outreach effort concerning this issue starting in the spring of 2016 when the Public Arts Commission contacted us about the sculpture’s future. This process included:

  • A presentation and discussion at a JWN monthly meeting (agenda was advertised).
  • Multiple articles in our monthly eNews
  • Extensive coverage on our Friends of Monroe Park page.
  • An article in our Summer 2016 Newsletter delivered to every address in the JWN
  • Postings and stories on the JWN Facebook page
  • Multiple posts on the Monroe Park listserv
  • City posted notices at Monroe Park
  • Multiple notices on JWN sandwich boards positioned at the corner of Monroe and W. Broadway and by the Monroe Park play area.

Your neighborhood association is staffed by volunteers and we can only do so much to inform the residents of the JWN.  We would argue that, in fact, we do quite well in getting the word out on issues of potential concern. However, it is incumbent on neighbors to take responsibility for being aware of neighborhood issues signing up for our eNews,  friending us on the JWN Facebook page, reading our twice-a-year newsletter, watch for our 2-3 postcards a year, and visiting this website.

For more detailed information see the Pappas sculpture coverage at the bottom of this page.

We are the Friends of Monroe Park – Join us!

The FOMP has 52 members, here is a partial list:
Kevin Burns (FOMP Steering Committee)
Ted M. Coopman (JWN Executive Board and FOMP Facilitator)
Eric Dil
Nancy Hafner (FOMP Steering Committee)
Gretchen Miller
Joe Potter (FOMP Steering Committee)

Monroe Park Text Alert System

To facilitate timely responses to park problems in real-time, such as calling EPD, the FOMP is forming a text tree alert system. Contact to get involved.

@Monroe Park Updates

[March 7] Pappas Scultpture

The city is moving to decommission the park sculpture (see details on this ongoing process begun in 2016 below)  If you have strong feelings one way or the other make a comment via the survey: Public Comment: “Walking Man” art in Monroe Park Survey

Merry-go-Round  – this feature is under repair and will be back.

Park Lighting – Staff has recently decreased wattage of the LED replacement bulbs and changed the wavelength of light to a warmer softer color.  These two steps have made the replacement bulbs function close to the original sodium vapor bulbs that came with the lights.  This is our best solution until the lighting system is renovated with new fixtures made to direct the light downward and made for LED lamps.

[October 2017] Neighbors Meet with EPD Chief Kerns, Parks, and Councilor Semple on Monroe Park Problems

On going issues such as fighting, noise, drug and alcohol use, smoking, and litter with groups of disorderly evening park users resulted in neighbors calling in city representatives for a meeting last Saturday. Fifteen neighbors joined Chief Kerns, Councilor Semple, Ken Wofford from Parks, and others to discuss options. EPD has been called in multiple times in the past few weeks and Monroe is the #1 EPD hot-spot. The group collectively pledged to take several strategies to mitigate the problems.

Neighbors of Monroe Park are organizing to address problem evening behaviors and to seek short, medium, and long-term solutions. Teams are forming to investigate:

  • Feasibility of a special permit parking district
  • Attracting programed activities such as sports and events
  • Volunteer landscaping projects
  • Trash and neighbor positive presence patrols

Contact us at to get involved.

The JWN and FOMP have also formed a working group with EPD, Parks, and Ward 1 Councilor Emily Semple to coordinate action on keeping the park clean, green, and safe.

[July 2017] Parks moved the third trash can to a better location, repaired the huge divots in the play area padding, cut back the height of the street side foliage, edged, and repaired padded play ground surfaces. Combined with the stepped up trash patrols by both parks and volunteers the park looks great.

Help us keep the park safe by reporting any illegal activity (camping, drugs/alcohol use, etc.) or homeless in distress to the Eugene Police Department via the non-emergency # (541) 682-5111 (hit 1-1-1 to skip prompts) [program into your phone]. For homeless in distress they will call CAHOOTS. If people are being aggressive, threatening, or violent call 911.

For park problems including trash, graffiti, vandalism, or needed repairs file a report via Park Watch.

Making reports indicates community engagement and creates data that can be used to advocate for resources.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.32.35 AMThe JWN is sponsoring the formation of a Friends of Monroe Park group. The goal is to create an active community of park users and neighbors to advocate, protect, and preserve this valuable cultural resource. The group seeks to build relationships with Eugene Parks and Open Space, the Eugene Police Department, and other city agencies to attract resources and attention to the park. We are motivated to act by the many opportunities and challenges for Monroe Park and felt that it was time to take direct action to ensure that the Park is a safe and attractive shared place for ALL respectful users.






Challenges and opportunities include:

  • The debate over the future of the large park sculpture
  • Plans by Parks and Open Space to remodel many city parks – organized groups may be able to get priority and we want assay in what is done
  • The issues of illegal camping, noise, trash and other problematic activities (exacerbated by increased police presence in the Park Blocks pushing problem users into the adjacent neighborhoods)
  • Revisiting bathroom access
  • Consider a reduction of evening park hours (current open until 11 pm) except for events

We envision lots of ways for people to get involved. Contact Ted [ ] to become a Friend of Monroe Park!

In the News

Full 30-Year Vision for Parks and Recreation, Capital Project List with Draft Priorities
March 8, 2017

Download pdf: FullProjectList_with_Intro

Check out this article in the January 15, 2017 Register Guard
Eugene residents want parks and recreation upgrades, but city struggles to find money for them:
City staff are looking at revenue options, including possible taxes and fees

Monroe Park (Paul Pappas) Sculpture

Monroe Scullpture color








Read the full City of Eugene Report on the sculpture, its’ history, and the discussion on its’ future. It needs expensive repair work and more regular maintenance: e_monroe_park_pappas_city_rd-1

Public Arts Program Pappas Sculpture Survey and Public Comments

In September 2016 Issac Marquez for Eugene Arts in Pubic Places spoke to the JWN on behalf of the Public Arts Committee (PAC) on the future of the Pappas sculpture in Monroe Park. The JWN facilitated public comments via our eNews and a survey of Jefferson Westside residents. The pubic comments period is now closed.

The city received 12 emailed comments and 51 survey responses.

56% want the sculpture removed due to being ugly/eyesore, that is was dated/bad art, was unsafe /not durable, and the expense of maintaining it. The estimated $15,000 minimum cost of a rehab and the ongoing costs to maintain it should be used for other purposes.

44% would like the sculpture to stay and get repaired because  it is fun/funky,  attractive, historic, is important to our neighborhood character, and were skeptical that repairs would cost as much as estimated.

UPDATE (October 2017)

It appears Parks is moving forward with the process to remove the Pappas sculpture. Stay tuned for information on the final public comment period.

UPDATE (March 9, 2017)

The Public Art Committee voted to “Deaccession the sculpture and explore options to replace the sculpture with art of some form within the park.” After formal notification there will be a 60 day comment window after which the PAC will review responses from the artist and/or public and re-evaluate their original recommendation for deaccession. 

Parks and Public Art are exploring possible funding sources for new art at Monroe Park.

Since residents of the JWN have the closest relationship and knowledge of the artist, if the sculpture is indeed deaccessioned, the PAC would like to work with anyone interested to make plans for the “after-life” of the artwork. Parks and Public Art feels this is the best opportunity to respectfully manage the artist’s work without being able to work with him directly.

Stay tuned here for more information on the process, public meetings, and assisting in the deciding the the ultimate of the sculpture.