Social Art@Monroe Park Thursday June 7 6-9 PM

Get your art on @Monroe Park, this Thursday, June 7 6-9 PM.

No art experience is required. This is a social art project.

Lee Sparks Pembleton is the lead artist for Earthbound Moon and will bring materials for neighbors to participate in the process of creating sculptural maquettes (small preliminary model or sketch).

Earthbound Moon (EbM) is an arts collaborative focused on terraforming Earth through the installation of contemporary artworks in disparate communities and on small parcels of surface area around the world. Each of our endeavors is united under the concept of a non-contiguous sculpture garden: a singular work of intergenerational and eventually interplanetary art whose global reach is made possible by a web of many smaller, community-oriented, site-specific projects. From micro to macro, our garden is a network of gathering places—sites of curiosity, engagement, and wonder operating on local, global, and ultimately intergalactic scales.

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